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Clean Cars Run Better

Clean Cars Run Better

Increase Your Zoom!

Think back to the last time you washed your car. You get done washing and waxing, a little elbow grease and it looks just like new again. When you get in, it seems to drive like new again. It turns out it’s not all in your head- It’s proven that a clean car runs better!

Contaminants like dirt, dust, pollen, tree sap, bug splatter, and road salt get into your filters and belts, work their way into tight places like seals and tube fittings, and start to impede your car’s efficiency. A good cleaning washes much of that detritus away, which then gives your car back that lost zoom.

Increase Your MPG

Dirt also disrupts your cars specially engineered airflow. Debris sticking to your cars exterior actually reduces your car’s gas mileage. Dirt on your car acts as a drag as you drive and causes you to waste gas on each and every trip. Tests have shown that a dirty car can have it’s efficiency reduced by as much as 2 miles per gallon. Not only does a clean car run better, it runs longer.

Increase Your Visibility

Sun, salt, and the mess from bugs and birds can combine with road dirt, tree sap and even smog to cause your car’s finish to fade. They can begin to create a yellow sheen on your headlights and cause dirty windows that are hard to see out of. Add in the road salt from Midwest winters, and those headlights and windshields can get very, very dirty. All of this impedes both your ability to see other cars, and their ability to see you.  A bright car finish, with clean headlights and windows is more enjoyable and safer to drive.

Increase Your Performance

According to auto manufactures, your car’s finish is specially designed to tolerate even weekly cleanings. A weekly cleaning will wash away salts, dirt, and other sediment that can affect how your car runs and prevent them from causing greater wear and damage to auto parts.

Reliable Plus works with more than 600 local car washes throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Iowa. We provide the best quality chemical detergents and protectant solutions and the highest quality technicians for car wash parts to ensure that you come away with a car that looks and acts clean, inside and out.

At Reliable Plus, we believe that a clean car is a Reliable car! Contact us today!

Clean Cars Run Better