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Providing the Best Car Wash Service in the Midwest

At Reliable Plus, we are proud to provide the best Midwest car wash service, hands down. When you are looking for a service partner for your car wash, what do you look for? The best service at the best price. Technicians with 133 years of combined experience, available seven days a week. Staff that understands how to work with all of your tunnel, automatic, and self-service equipment. GPS enabled service vehicles so you always know when help will arrive. Sound too good to be true? Think again- think Reliable Plus!

The Numbers Tell the Story

For three decades, Reliable Plus technicians has provided on-going, world class service to more than 600 Midwest car washes. They have also aided in the install of 1,400 tunnel, automatic and self-serve car wash stations in that time. Whatever equipment you use to provide service to your customers, our staff has experience with it.

Strategy = Convenience for our Customers

Our strategically located warehouses mean technicians don’t have to go back to our administrative center for parts. Our warehouses also stock cleaning chemicals, so you never run the risk of running out. We can get you an order of detergent or protectant solutions in no time.

Rewards for our Loyal Customers

We recognize that you have other choices for your car wash service and supplies, and we want to show our appreciation to our loyal customers. One way we do this by offering maintenance and chemical loyalty programs for your equipment. The benefits for our customers are two-fold: You not only receive the benefits of our loyalty programs, but also the added benefit of more reliable equipment. Preventative maintenance keeps your equipment running efficiently and reduces the amount of time your car wash is down. After all, if you’re car wash isn’t running, you’re not making money.

When you are looking for a Midwest car wash service partner for your car wash business, you want the best. You’re looking for someone to provide fast, knowledgeable service, accurate and timely delivery of parts and supplies, and competitive pricing. What you need for your car wash is a reliable partner. We’re not just reliable. We’re Reliable Plus.