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Reliable Plus Keeps You Rolling

As a car wash owner, you can only make money during the time your service is up and running. If your service provider runs out of cleaning chemicals or has to order out for a necessary part, you could have days just waiting to get your business working again. You need a service partner who can provide you with the highest car wash up time to keep that money flowing into your pocket.

Experience +

Reliable Plus has the best trained technicians in the industry. We have years of experience on hand-wash, automatic, and tunnel wash systems and can keep your machines humming smoothly. With more than 130 years of combined experience and availability 7 days a week, we can get you back up and running in no time. We have the largest service fleet anywhere in the upper Midwest, so we have someone ready to make solving your problem a priority. Each of our technician trucks is GPS enabled so that you will always know when help is on the way.

Locations +

We have three strategically placed warehouses throughout the Midwest. Each warehouse stocks more than 3,000 original equipment manufacturer parts, so we have what you need for your equipment nearby and ready. This means that even if your technician needs to run out for a part, he’s only a few hours away. We never want to leave you waiting for the mail to bring what’s needed to get your business started up again. It also means that we can get you next day delivery for cleaning chemicals, wax, and other supplies.

Service +

We offer silver, gold, and platinum service plans that provide the highest level of service and maintenance at a cost that fits the needs of your business.  

Reliable +

This combination of reliable technicians and proximate warehouses are how we are able to promise 98% up time for more than 1000 car washes throughout Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and North Dakota. If you are not getting that level of service from your car wash provider, contact Reliable Plus. Our promise is in our name.

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