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Eco-Friendly Car Wash Solutions and Supplies

When you own a car wash, your business depends on the effectiveness of your car wash solutions.  We provide the best clean for your customers, with a great selection of solutions for any type of car wash: in-bay automatic, tunnel, and self-service stations. We provide eco-friendly car wash solutions and supplies that are easy to use and provide a quality clean. Reliable Plus is proud to feature car wash solutions from three of the industry’s leaders: Turtle Wax, Blue Coral, and Performance Products.

Turtle Wax Car Wash and Detailing Products

Turtle Wax provides cleaning and protectant solutions that remove dirt, water stains, bug remains and odors while restoring the luster and sheen of your client’s vehicle. They have long been a leader in wash and wax options for the best clean and amazing shine, even for older vehicles. Turtle Wax’s special formula restores the gleam to older finishes and aged trim.

Blue Coral Car Wash Concentrate  

Blue Coral Car Wash Concentrate is engineered to clean and shine in one step. Fortified with Carnauba wax, it protects your client’s cars surface from sun, rain, wind, ice and salt spray. It is tough on dirt build-up while staying gentle on your car’s finish. It is also biodegradable, so it’s good for your car and the environment.

Performance Products

Performance Products wash, wax and sealant options are PH balanced to be safe for all paint types while providing that “just waxed” look and promoting sheeting action to reduce water spots. Perfect for one step cleaning and waxing, Performance Products are uniquely engineered to make your car look like new again.

Providing You With the Best Selection and Service

Reliable Plus doesn’t just provide the best selection of quality wash and wax chemicals; we maintain three warehouses throughout the Midwest so we can deliver to your customers faster than the competition. We can also replace or repair your equipment to ensure the best clean for your car wash clients.

Your car wash business needs a partner that can provide high quality, competitively priced car wash solutions with quick and accurate delivery. Contact us today to find out how we can help take your car wash business to the next level!

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