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5 Ways Car Washes Can Thrive in a Mild Winter

Well, winter seems to be taking a break this year, with unseasonably warm temps. While sunshine might feel nice, car wash owners know it

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Last fall, we shared tips and tricks on preparing your wash for what we thought would be a harsh winter. Well, winter seems to be taking a break this year, with unseasonably warm temps. While sunshine might feel nice, car wash owners know it can spell trouble for winter profits. 

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Highlight the Hidden Grime:

Sure, the roads might be primarily free of snow and ice, but that doesn’t mean cars are spotless. Remind customers that salt residue, dust, and unseen winter grime can wreak havoc on paintwork and undercarriages. Offer targeted washes focusing on underbody protection, salt removal, and interior detailing—areas often neglected during mild winters.

Bundle Up for Value:

Package your services! Combine a basic wash with a tire shine, interior vacuuming, or a winter-specific wax treatment at a discounted rate. This entices customers with a good deal while boosting your average order value. Promote these bundles through social media, email marketing, and eye-catching signage at your car wash.

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Embrace the "Sunshine Wash":

Turn this warm winter into a marketing opportunity! Launch a limited-time “Sunshine Wash” package promoting the benefits of a sparkling clean car in clear weather. Highlight improved visibility, UV protection, and the overall joy of driving a gleaming vehicle. This unique wash could go viral on social media, attracting new customers and reminding existing ones of your services.

Community Car Care Events:

Partner with local businesses or organizations to host community car care events. Offer discounted washes or free basic services, while your partners provide complementary offerings like oil changes, winter accessories, or food trucks. This builds goodwill, strengthens community ties, and drives traffic to your car wash.

Offer the Best Products:

No matter what the weather, you’ll draw and retain more customers by offering the best quality of products and equipment. Make sure you’re working with Reliable Plus and our expert team to ensure that you give your customers the best wash possible.

Through our product catalog and team of experienced technicians, we’ll set you up with the best chemicals and keep your equipment running no matter the time of year.

Remember, even a mild winter presents opportunities. By being proactive, creative, and highlighting the unique value you offer, your car wash can not only survive, but thrive, in this unexpected season. So, put on your thinking cap, embrace the sunshine, and watch your business shine just as bright!

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