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Service & Maintenance

Car Wash repair service & maintenance

Our car wash repair service and maintenance services are designed to keep your equipment running at peak performance. No matter what kind of car wash equipment you have, our skilled and experienced technicians can get you back up and running quickly when it goes down. With the largest service fleet in the upper Midwest, our car wash repair service is built on a legacy of knowledge and attention to detail.

Service Expertise & Excellence

Here to keep your wash up and running.

At Reliable Plus, we understand that a broken car wash can be a major inconvenience. That’s why we’re committed to providing fast, reliable service in-bay automatic, tunnel, self-serve, and heavy duty vehicle wash services, regardless of brand.

As a car wash repair company in MN, our GPS tracking system ensures the closest service technician is dispatched to get your wash up and running as quickly as possible. And our technicians are supplied with stocked vans to reduce repair times and have easy access to specialty parts in one of our eight warehouses across the upper Midwest.

Additionally, we ensure our service technicians are operating safely inside your car wash bay by requiring and/or recommending various personal protective equipment based on the work being performed. This can include safety glasses & boots, hard hats, cut-resistant gloves, high-vis clothing, and more. We know how important it is for you to have a fully functioning car wash – so let us take care of it for you.


Planned Maintenance Packages

Helping you save time, money, and gain insights on your vehicle wash equipment.

Our mission is to help you save time and money, reduce your downtime and gain health insights on your car wash equipment. That’s why we offer periodic Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages for car wash repairs and maintenance to fit your budget and the needs of your car wash equipment repairs. We have highly skilled technicians who will be able to give you a thorough rundown of the condition of your car wash equipment when they regularly visit your site. Let us work with you to solve any potential major problems before they arise.

Need car wash service? That's our specialty.

Knowledge to Accelerate your Performance

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Request Parts & Chemicals

Need to order parts or chemicals? Our fully stocked warehouses throughout the upper Midwest provide quick access to the vehicle wash products you need. 

Request Service

Is your wash down? Our team of experts will assess your needs and dispatch the closest available technician to get you back up and running. 

Ready to Build Your Wash?

Let Reliable Plus take your idea and bring it to life! We are your dedicated partner that will manage your new vehicle wash project and set you up for success.

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