Vacuum and Air Compressor solutions

Some ancillary equipment, such as air compressors, are required for any wash to succeed. But there are other bonus offerings that can help your car wash stand out from the rest, increase upsells, and keep customers coming back for a top-of-the-line experience.

Specialty offerings to set your wash apart

Offer your customers an exceptional experience.

How make your car wash the preferred choice compared to other car washes in your town? By offering unique add-ons in your car wash that are not available everywhere and enhance the customer experience. Reliable Plus can install the best vacuum solution for your car wash, as well as specialty items such as shampoo machines, fragrance machines, spot remover vacuums, and central vacuum systems. We can also help you reduce the stress on your equipment with a high quality air compressor.
cleaning interior of car with a steam cleaner
close up of dial on an air compressor


Owning a poor-quality air compressor leads to unnecessary downtime and headaches for your car wash equipment, including your overhead doors. Reliable Plus can help you select the best air compressor option for your wash and ensure it is installed properly. 

man putting money into vacuum at car wash


A vacuum solution is an ideal way to give your customers an added bonus at your wash, or generate additional revenue. Reliable Plus can help you select the ideal vacuum for your wash, including industrial grade and central vacuum system options. 

cleaning the floor of a car with a carpet scrubber


An even better way to set your car wash apart is to offer specialty cleaning tools, such as shampoo machines, spot remover vacuums, or fragrance machines. Select from our unique offering of specialty cleaning tools to enhance your customer experience.

Looking for the best options for your car wash? We're here to help.

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