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Ancillary Car Wash Supplies = Increased Revenue

Running a successful car wash is about more than just the car wash system. There are a variety of vehicle car wash supplies and

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vacuuming car at car washRunning a successful car wash is about more than just the car wash system. There are a variety of vehicle car wash supplies and equipment needed to consistently turn out clean cars and produce repeat business, that go beyond just the water and brushes. Consider the following supplies and ancillary equipment to improve your revenue stream.


Water Treatment Equipment

Water treatment equipment at your car wash helps protect your customers’ cars from scratching, etching and water spots. Additionally, it also protects your own equipment because you won’t have clogged or tarnished plumbing and faucets. Your customers will notice the difference when they see the spotless finish provided by your car wash.


Water Softeners

Using a water softener at your car wash has many benefits. Your detergents will not spend all their energy on the water and will instead focus on the surfaces of the vehicle. Soft water also prevents build up on bay walls, pipes and windows.  


Reverse Osmosis Units

A reverse osmosis system removes nearly all the contaminants from the water. The most common application for these units is for a spot-free rinse cycle. Water treated by a reverse osmosis system also helps reduce vehicle drying time.

Air Compressors

Air compressors are an essential piece of equipment for all brands of car wash equipment. Owning a poor quality air compressor leads to unnecessary downtime and headaches for your car wash equipment, including your overhead doors. For high volume sites, consider two air compressors to avoid losing access to compressed air.


If you run a destination car wash or would just like that added revenue at your location, a vacuum or combination vacuum/shampoo – spot remover could be the right equipment for you.

Your customers can find vacuums at any car wash. Set yours apart with a specialty vacuum!


Shampoo Machines & Spot Remover Vacuums

Your customers will be delighted when they see shampoo and spot remover vacuums offered at your car wash. The ability to remove stains and spots themselves at your car wash is something that will bring them back again and again.


Fragrance Machines

A fresh fragrance is the perfect finish for your customers’ freshly washed vehicle. You can opt for a standalone fragrance machine, or a combination unit that offers vacuums and fragrance.

Keep ‘Em Coming Back

The bottom line is you want your customers to come back, and these vehicle car wash supplies make it easy for your customers to want to come back. A spotless exterior. A pristine interior. Well maintained machines. Extra touches not found everywhere. These are the things that make a great experience and leads to repeat customers. Get in touch with Reliable Plus today and let us show you how to take your car wash to the next level!

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