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Car Wash Trends for 2020

Every year, nearly 2 billion cars are brought to neighborhood car washes. This results in an industry worth as much as $15 billion in the

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tri-color car wash soapEvery year, nearly 2 billion cars are brought to neighborhood car washes. This results in an industry worth as much as $15 billion in the United States alone. Through 2108 the industry was experiencing 3.3% annual growth nationwide. 

With all of this, there has been a lot of innovation in the past few years as operators try to grab a bigger share of the wealth of this industry.  Read on to find out some of the car wash trends of 2020.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Over 60% of car washes are from heavy users who have their vehicles washed several times a month. This being the case, many car washes are searching for ways to give a better customer service experience to their customers who they expect to see as much as once a week. This includes special deals for heavy users, but it also includes bringing back hand washing and staffed interior cleaning services taking the place of self-vacuuming machines.  

New Conveyor Systems

Many new cars have complex sensors that activate the brakes when they detect the car sliding or objects approaching the car. These systems provide amazing safety benefits on the road, but cause some issues while going through a car wash. Sometimes, brushes and other equipment cause these safety features to engage, resulting in damage to the vehicle or car wash. New conveyor systems are being designed to minimize this issue and protect vehicles and equipment alike.

Cleaners and Waxes

The industry will continue to see changes to car wash soaps, waxes and other chemicals. Consumers’ interests continue to trend towards biodegradable and environmentally conscious. Newer products also keep cars cleaner longer, improving the value for the customer.

Investing in Clean

As the industry continues to grow, Wall Street is beginning to take notice and get on board with the car wash trends for 2020. Private equity funds have joined with local commercial operators to build the newest tunnel cleaning units. While these high-tech wonders come with high overhead, they maximize profits by requiring few staff and operating 24/7.

If you are thinking of starting a new wash or need to upgrade an existing facility, contact Reliable Plus. We are your partner in the car wash industry. We can help you make your claim to be part of a global $25 billion industry.

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