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Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

There are people, and then there are car people. They come in all shapes and sizes; the outdoor adventurer, the new driver, the neat

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Christmas packagesThere are people, and then there are car people. They come in all shapes and sizes; the outdoor adventurer, the new driver, the neat freak, etc. Do you have some of these car lovers on your holiday shopping list? And maybe you’re stumped as to what to get them this year? Below, we have compiled a list of gifts for car lovers of all kinds!  


The Outdoor Enthusiast

Is there someone on your list whose idea of a great weekend is camping, off-roading and hiking? From tents to shades to vehicle snorkels (wait… a vehicle snorkel??), Auto Anything carries all kinds of gifts for those that love to spend time exploring the great outdoors in their cars and trucks. 

The New Driver 

Do you have a new driver on your gift list? An emergency road kit makes a practical, albeit not the most glamourous, gift to keep them safe. A phone holder is another gift that will keep them safe while driving. And a fun keychain is always a perfect present for a newly licensed driver. 

The Tailgater

If you are looking for a gift for someone that never misses the chance to tailgate outside their favorite sporting event, look no further. Dick’s Sporting Goods offers tons of options for the perfect tailgate event. Pop up tents, speakers, coolers, firepits, and deep fryers will take their tailgating game to the next level! 

The Gearhead

Blipshift sells shirts, wall art and accessories for “car nuts” and auto enthusiasts. These are products for someone that wants gear shift shaped ice cubes or a sticker with an american flag made out of wrenches and bolts. 

The Techie

If you have someone that loves technology on your list this year, a dash cam may be a perfect fit! Dash cams are video recorders mounted to the front of the vehicle. Your car techie can use it to record footage of a crash or accident, as surveillance to protect their car, or to immortalize a record lap at their favorite raceway. They range in price from $50 to $500, depending on options like accessibility, memory, lens angle and sound quality.

The Classic Car Lover

Is there someone on your list that lives for their classic car? Why not get them a beautiful metal sign for their garage? Here are some cool options for the Ford lover in your life. Or if your car enthusiast thinks Ford stands for “fix or repair daily,” here are some retro Chevy options

Etsy also offers a large variety of cool gift ideas for classic car lovers. From mugs to tshirts to socks to ornaments, you’re sure to find a unique gift!  

The Scatterbrain

Let’s face it- sometimes it’s hard to keep track of where your keys are. Add a bluetooth key finder and you’ll always know where they are! Tile is one popular brand. Simply attach to your keys (or anything else you don’t want to lose), and you can track the item using your  cell phone. Give the gift to family and friends of always knowing exactly which couch cushion they dropped their keys behind.

The Clean Freak 

For the person that is obsessed with keeping their car sparkling clean, check out a monthly subscription to a car wash close to where they live. Just like the Jelly of the Month Club, it’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year! 

Many stores sell car care sets that include soaps, waxes, scrubs, oils, rags, sponges and everything else necessary for cleaning and detailing a vehicle. They just need to add the elbow grease and they’ll have a beautifully clean interior all year long. 

We hope this list of gifts for car lovers will help you expedite your holiday shopping this year! And remember, Reliable Plus has the best selection of cleaning and waxing supplies for your car wash, and the very best technicians to keep your business running. Give us a call today if you need to get supplies or service before the end of the year, and find out why they call us Reliable Plus! 

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