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How to Remove Pet Odors from Your Car

There is nothing better than having an adventure with your pet. Taking your dog to the lake, running together along the trail, or camping for a weekend away can make for a fun and exciting time for you, your pet and the whole family. Even cats can enjoy a ride in a car. We love our pets, but we don’t necessarily love the odors they leave behind. Read these helpful tips for how to remove pet odors from your car. 

Our dogs and cats can leave a lingering smell long after their adventures are over. Whether it’s that wet dog smell, muddy paws on your seats, or if your pet has an accident in your car, there’s no question that pets are tough on a vehicle’s interior. So, how do you get your car back to its original ‘new car smell?’

Vacuum Regularly

  • Vacuuming your car regularly removes the hair from your car, which is the source of most of the odors, and is essential to do before you try any other treatments on your upholstery. 

Absorb Odors

  • Leave a bowl of baking soda in your car for a night or two to absorb the odor. Just like when people leave a box of baking soda in their refrigerator, the same principle applies to your car. Make sure to put the bowl in a place where you won’t knock it over, and remove it before driving to avoid a mess. 
  • Laying bread out on a towel in your car can also work to absorb odors. 
  • Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on your upholstered surfaces.  

Carpet Cleaner

  • If your pet had an accident in the car or you have stubborn muddy paw prints, you likely need some sort of a cleaning solution. Use a solution that is specifically made for pet stain and urine removal, rather than a standard carpet shampoo solution. The specialty cleaners contain enzymes that attack the chemical compounds of urine and remove the smell. For tougher stains, consider renting or purchasing a carpet shampooer. 

Seat Covers

  • When your pet travels in your car, simply put an old sheet,  blanket or towel on the seats. This can be easily removed and washed (or thrown away if necessary). Or purchase a dog seat cover, made specifically for covering your seats. 

Don’t let the fear of a smelly car prevent you from taking your pets our for some weekend adventures. These tips for how to remove pet odors from your car will keep the inside of your car smelling great – and Reliable Plus car washes will keep the outside shining!