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Increase Vehicle Throughput With a Tunnel System Car Wash

Moving vehicles through quickly and efficiently is one of the most important considerations for any car wash owner, perhaps second only to providing a

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inside of a tunnel system car wash

Moving vehicles through quickly and efficiently is one of the most important considerations for any car wash owner, perhaps second only to providing a quality car wash. 

When your customer drives past your car wash and sees a line they deem to be too long, they will keep driving in the hopes of finding one with a shorter line. If you’re currently dreaming of more customers and higher revenues, it might be time to increase vehicle throughput with a tunnel system car wash.


Lower Wait Times = Higher Revenues

Tunnel car wash systems can achieve a significantly higher car per hour than in-bay automatics. With a typical in-bay automatic system, you are looking at roughly 10-15 cars per hour. Contrast that with a tunnel system, which at the low end is 40-50 cars per hour with a drive through or mini tunnel, and at the high end, up to 180 for systems over 100 feet!

water mist in a tunnel system car washThink about the increase in revenue you would see with a tunnel car wash system. Not only are you able to run significantly more cars through the car wash each hour, but you are also not losing customers who see the long line and decide to go elsewhere.

Tunnel car wash systems are highly customizable and have many size options, so you can be sure to find one that fits your unique needs.


Drive Through Tunnel System

These systems provide an express wash, perfect for fleet wash applications such as car rental companies or auto dealerships. Expect to get up to 55 cars per hour through these workhorses.

Mini Tunnel System

Mini tunnel systems pack a lot of punch in a compact package. Mini tunnels provide your customers with the options they are looking for, like undercarriage wash, wax application, spot free rinse, etc. All while running through up to 50-60 cars per hour.

Larger Tunnel Systems

If space constraints aren’t an issue, a larger tunnel system could be a perfect solution. Depending on the size, these powerhouses can run through a whopping 75-180 cars per hour! These systems allow for lots of customization and add ons, including touch free options.

pickup truck inside a tunnel system car washWork With The Experts

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current equipment or start from scratch, you are in good hands with us. Reliable Plus proudly carries tunnel wash solutions from Sonny’s and AVW. We work together with the manufacturers on customizing drawings and site analysis to ensure we build the best wash system to fit your property. Contact us today and find out how we can take your car wash to the next level.

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