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Suddenly Summer! How to Maintain A Car Wash in Summer

Summer is here! We in the Midwest have waited patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently) for summer’s arrival. We’re all ready for the heat,

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inside a car wash

Summer is here! We in the Midwest have waited patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently) for summer’s arrival. We’re all ready for the heat, the longer days, and the wonderful sunshine- but is your car wash ready? Read on to learn some tips to maintain a car wash in summer.

Summer Maintenance

Each season brings its own set of tasks, guidelines, etc. For summer, you’ll want to make sure your winter heat is turned off and your overhead doors are in summer mode. Next, spend some time on your preventative maintenance and facilities improvements.

Preventative Maintenance

If summer is a slower time for your car wash, this could be a great time to take care of some preventative maintenance. Replace nozzles, service your water management and reclaim systems, change oil and belts, etc. These items are much easier to take care of when there aren’t big crowds at your car wash.

Facilities Improvements

Take a look around your car wash and ask yourself if any of these areas could be improved.

  • Employee uniforms: Order new uniforms if necessary to make sure your entire staff is looking their best.
  • Updated signage: Fix or replace any broken signs, and consider additional promotional signs to grab the attention of potential customers.
  • Hardscapes: Fix any cracks in the asphalt, power wash any dirty cement areas, paint as necessary, clean windows.
  • Landscaping: If there are areas where you can either improve existing landscaping or add additional, do it! Do whatever you can to up your curb appeal and attract new customers.

Summer Promotions

For many car washes, summer isn’t as busy as winter, which goes against what most of us would guess. This could be because more people stay home and wash their cars themselves, or because cars don’t get as dirty in the summer as they do in the brutal Midwestern winters.

Consider promoting how much more environmentally friendly it is to use a commercial car wash versus washing on your driveway. Highlight the benefits such as:

Uses Less Water

Because car washes use computer controlled equipment, the amount of water used is regulated and constant. A home car wash can use 80-140 gallons of water, while a commercial car wash uses less than 45 gallons!

Reduces Water Run Off

When you wash your car on your driveway, everything runs directly into the storm drains and eventually to rivers, lakes, wetlands, etc. Think about what gets washed off: oil, gasoline, residue from exhaust fumes, and the harsh chemicals of the detergents themselves.

Saves Time

Emphasize how long it takes to wash a car at home- soaping up the vehicle, rinsing, drying quickly to avoid water spots, and let’s not even get started on applying the wax! A commercial car wash takes mere minutes from start to finish.

Give Back to Your Community

Because your car wash is a smarter environmental choice over washing by hand in a parking lot, consider partnering with local community organizations. Instead of having the local youth sports team washing cars by hand for $5, have them promote your car wash by holding signs and directing traffic to your facility. For each car wash that day, donate $5 to their cause. You may only cover your costs that day, but think of the benefits: you’ll get a tax write off, you’re helping to protect the local water supplies, and you’re getting extra exposure. Not to mention, you’ll be a community hero for helping local organizations!

Count on Reliable Plus

We at Reliable Plus can help you with the parts, supplies and service you need to keep your car wash fully stocked and operational. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you maintain a car wash in summer.

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