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Making Your Auto Dealership Car Wash Profitable

If you run an auto dealership, don’t miss the opportunity to boost your profits with an automatic car wash! There are many benefits to

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car in a soft touch car washIf you run an auto dealership, don’t miss the opportunity to boost your profits with an automatic car wash! There are many benefits to having a car wash on site at your dealership, and they all lead to increasing your revenue. Read on to find out more about making your auto dealership car wash profitable.

Clean Cars Sell

Whether your dealership sells new or previously owned vehicles, one thing is true: You will have an easier time selling vehicles when your inventory looks its best. When prospective customers come to your dealership, first impressions are everything. It goes without saying, customers expect a clean car, inside and out. Depending on the climate in which you live, your fleet of vehicles could be subjected to a variety of different weather conditions. Nearby construction can also wreak havoc on your outdoor inventory. An automatic car wash is an efficient way to keep the cars shining. It also saves you money versus having your staff handwash the vehicles, particularly during messy winter months. 

A Car Wash With Every Purchase

When a customer purchases a new or preowned vehicle, it’s in your best interest to have them come back to your dealership for service and parts. Every time those customers return to the dealership for service, you have an opportunity to do two things. First, you have the opportunity to provide excellent service. Give them friendly service staff, timely and accurate repairs, and throw in a car wash for good measure. Including a car wash with service, such as an oil change, is a definite selling point your customers likely will value.

cars in an auto dealership lotSecondly, when these customers come to your dealership, it’s an opportunity to show them the newest vehicle inventory available. The more people you can have coming into your dealership on a regular basis, the greater the chances are that one of them will want to buy a new car. And going back to our first point: clean cars sell! Offer excellent service with car washes included, and showcase your inventory by keeping it shiny and clean!

Open To The Public

If you’re looking for additional revenue at your auto dealership car wash, consider expanding your business to the public at large. This is particularly beneficial if you are in a high traffic area. Offer customer loyalty programs and discounts, use the best equipment, and provide a quality experience. These tactics will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in repeat business. Set up your car wash area so customers have to drive by your newest inventory to showcase your offering. You may just find yourself with some customers driving new cars off the lot! 

Provide A Reliable Car Wash With Reliable Plus

If you’re interested in making your auto dealership car wash profitable, you will want a car wash partner you can trust. An auto dealership car wash runs more vehicles through than an average car wash, so the very best equipment is a must. Increase car wash uptime, customer satisfaction, and the overall aesthetic of your lot with Reliable Plus. Get in touch today and find out how we can help you increase your profits!

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