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Save With Planned Vehicle Wash Maintenance

It’s inevitable there will be issues with car wash equipment on occasion. But did you know most major problems can be avoided with planned

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It’s inevitable there will be issues with car wash equipment on occasion. But did you know most major problems can be avoided with planned car wash maintenance?

Here at Reliable Plus, we offer a number of different vehicle wash maintenance plans to suit every budget and business style.


Don’t trust social media posts or “how to run a car wash” guides from amateurs, trust the professionals at Reliable Plus. Like routine maintenance done on your car, vehicle washes perform better and experience fewer complications with regular care and quick car wash repair when needed. Here are a few benefits of planned maintenance.


Save Money on Car Wash Repair

Your first thought may be that planned maintenance plans could be expensive. But that is just not the truth. Because we have multiple plans available, any car wash business will find an option that fits their budget. When our highly skilled car wash technicians regularly visit your site, they will be able to give you a thorough rundown of the condition of your wash.

Our car wash techs work with you to solve major problems before they show up. This allows you to stay on top of any issues that could potentially cause your wash to be down for any length of time. The less time your car wash stays offline, the more money you make. Think of planned maintenance, as preventative maintenance.

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Save Time With our Service Technicians

Planned vehicle wash maintenance gives you the advantage of knowing exactly when our expert staff will be on site. And because we know your time is valuable and you are busy running a business, we will always schedule our visits at your convenience.


In addition, any needed repairs that are discovered during routine maintenance can be scheduled in advance with our technicians.


Knowledge Is Power

Perhaps the most important benefit of routine maintenance is the knowledge you gain about your wash and what you can do today to ensure that it’s operating at its peak performance in the future. Make sure, whether you’re starting a car wash or are taking care of you existing car wash service to study all options available. If you have a feeling it might be time to start thinking about replacing or upgrading your wash equipment, these visits are a great time to inquire about your options.

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Vehicle Wash Maintenance Plans

Reliable Plus offers 3 unique planned maintenance programs; Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Contact your salesperson, send us a message online, or give our office a call to learn more about your options.


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