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How to Protect Your Car’s Finish from the Summer Sun

The snow has (mostly) melted (and hopefully will stay away until next winter!), and the summer sun is just around the corner. While summer

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pressure washing car tireThe snow has (mostly) melted (and hopefully will stay away until next winter!), and the summer sun is just around the corner. While summer brings longer days and glorious warmth, it can also wreak havoc on your car’s finish. Sunlight can cause your car’s paint job to oxidize and fade prematurely. Here are a few smart tips to protect your car’s finish from the sun.


Park in the Shade

This may seem obvious and is always easier said than done, but your car spends most of the day parked, so choose a place out of the sun. Whether it’s in a garage, under an awning, behind a building or in the shade of a tree, find that little safe space. It willl prevent your car from receiving direct sunlight and help your car’s finish last longer.

Use a Car Cover or Sun Shade

Covering your car is also an excellent way to prevent direct sun damage. If a car cover is too inconvenient, use a sun shade in your front and rear windows to prevent the sun from damaging your interior. Here is a guide to the best sun shades available.

Wash Your Car Frequently

A good car wash gets rid of dirt, dust, and oils that can eat into your car’s paint. Dirt can grind and scratch your finish and gas and oil can leave permanent spots in your car’s finish. Regular washing removes the sediment that can slowly fade and mark your car’s beautiful paint job.

Dry Your Car Completely

Water droplets often come with their own array of chemicals that can interact negatively with your car’s paint. The droplets themselves can also act as tiny magnifiers drilling the sun’s rays into your car’s finish.

detailing carUse a Quality Car Wax

Today’s car waxes can protect your car from the suns glaring rays while also giving your car a bright, long lasting, like-new shine. There are a lot of different waxes to choose from, so do some research to find the wax that works best for your car’s finish.

These are just some of the solutions on how to protect your car’s finish. Reliable Plus works with hundreds of car washes throughout the Midwest, providing them with the finest quality soaps, detergents, and waxes. Our technicians keep these car washes running in tip-top shape with our top notch service and parts. Contact us to learn more.

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