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Reasons Car Washes Fail

Owning and running a car wash can be a modern money making dream. Well trained staff and efficient machines come together to make your

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wet hood of carOwning and running a car wash can be a modern money making dream. Well trained staff and efficient machines come together to make your guests cars sparkle like new. The money flows in. Lather, rinse, repeat, right? However, many car washes fail because their owners don’t plan accordingly. Read on to learn the most common reasons car washes fail.


Bad Location

You know what they say in real estate: Location, Location, Location! If your new car wash is hard to find or has a difficult entry, many potential clients will turn away from your fancy new wash facility for a poorer competitor that is easier to find.

Not Giving Your Customers What They Want

You must consider your audience and what they want. Does your car wash service those looking for a value car wash? Do they want fancy product options? Maybe they’re looking for quality customer service? Don’t assume you know what your customers want without doing some research first. Also, stay flexible after the car wash is open and revisit as necessary.

Not Offering a Customer Loyalty Program

Many car washes have loyalty options that include monthly or yearly deals, high value cleaning options, punch cards, store discounts, etc. Building customer loyalty into your business gives people a reason to keep coming back. And if you don’t- you can bet your competition will.

Equipment Neglect

Car washes require a big outlay at the beginning before they start making money. But owners often forget, they also require ongoing expenses for upkeep. Neglected equipment begins to become less efficient, requiring more resources and therefore reducing your profits. But more importantly, your customers won’t receive a high quality car wash and will go elsewhere. But maybe not before first telling their family and friends about their bad experience.

Poor Design

It is important to have a good design for your car wash. Find a plan that not only fits the footprint of your land, but also creates a good traffic flow. If long lines and inefficient flow leads to long wait times, you are likely losing customers.

Plan for Success with Reliable Plus

Don’t let these reasons car washes fail happen to you- work with the pros at Reliable Plus for a business ready to make you money! From site analysis, business plans, cost justifications, design renderings and architectural drawings, to assistance with city planning and approval, we know this business and will assist you. Get in touch today!

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