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Running a Successful Convenience Store Car Wash

Business owners are always looking for ways to maximize their revenues, and convenience store car wash owners are no different. We’ve compiled a list

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Business owners are always looking for ways to maximize their revenues, and convenience store car wash owners are no different. We’ve compiled a list of tips for running a successful convenience store car wash business. 

Outside shot of a convenience store and gas pumpsCurb Appeal

First and foremost, make sure your convenience store and car wash are places people want to be. Take an objective look at your property and try to view it through your potential customer’s eyes. How does the landscaping look? Are there weeds or garbage you could clean up? Are there areas that need repair or even a fresh coat of paint? These seemingly minor details could be the difference between a customer stopping at your business, and that customer driving past to the next store. 

Exterior Signage

It may go without saying, but make sure your outdoor signage is prominently displayed, easy to read, and unobstructed. You want your signage to attract customers and let them know that you have both a convenience store and a car wash. If your car wash isn’t easily seen from the street, be sure to have adequate signage alerting passersby of your services. Also, replace broken bulbs, trim landscaping that may block your sign, etc. 

Point of Sale Advertising

If your convenience store has gas pumps, do not miss out on the opportunity to advertise your car wash there. Program your payment interface to always ask if your customer is interested in a car wash. Have clear and vibrant signage at the pump letting customers know what the wash options are and the cost. 

Inside the store, you can have similar signage set up at the registers. Sure, some people have walked or biked to your convenience store, but the majority of customers are there in a (hopefully dirty!) car. 

Additionally, consider advertising for your convenience store inside of your car wash! Your customers are a captive audience while they sit inside their car, so why not remind them of all the things they could purchase in your store! 

Loyalty Programs

Give your customers a reason to keep coming back to your store, rather than the competition. Some ideas to consider: 

  • Car wash punch cards 
  • Specials and discounts on items in store with the purchase of a car wash
  • Package deals – the more you buy, the more you save! 
  • Link your convenience store loyalty program to your car wash loyalty program. 
  • Gas discounts with a car wash purchase

Convenience is the Key to Success

inside tunnel car wash

All the best signage and advertising won’t help you if you give your customer a bad experience. Make sure your equipment is in the best condition possible. Make necessary repairs right away. Keep up with the latest trends and upgrades. Working with a trusted partner like Reliable Plus gives you a one-stop shop for all of your car wash needs. Get in touch today and find out how Reliable Plus can be your guide in running a successful convenience store car wash.

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