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How to Prevent Rust on Classic Cars

Your older model car is your pride and joy; a treasure that has stood the test of time. However, as your car ages, rust

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row of classic carsYour older model car is your pride and joy; a treasure that has stood the test of time. However, as your car ages, rust prevention on classic cars becomes a real concern. Read on to find out how to prevent rust on classic cars. 

Address Rust Immediately 

If rust does take hold, work to fix it immediately. The smallest spot of rust can grow and spread across your car’s fine exterior. Sand and repaint the area around the rust to repair your car’s finish to its classic look.

Be Aware of Hard to Reach Areas

Areas below the line of sight or hidden within you door frame can be hard to see and make a wonderful opportunity for rust. Give your car a weekly once over to make sure that you have removed all water, sap, and dirt to prevent them from affecting your car’s finish. 

Don’t Drive After Winter Storms

You want to drive as little as possible after the roads are sanded and salted.   Sand and dirt can grind on your car’s finish and create breaks in your cars paint for rust to find a way within. Salt stains and dyes your car’s finish while working as an irritant for the car’s coat. If you must drive after a winter storm, wash your car as soon as possible to sweep away the dirt and salt from your car.

Wash Your Car’s Undercarriage Every Spring

Winters are hard on your car.  Sand, salt, street grime, snow and slush are sprayed up into your car’s undercarriage with almost every trip.  This grit and sludge seeps into your cars systems and can wear and grind on all your moving parts. This creates an ever growing array of opportunity for rust to affect every one of your car’s systems. Giving your car’s undercarriage a good wash every spring will help to prevent issues resulting from a long winter’s driving.  

Wax Your Car Regularly

New wash applicant waxes can protect your car’s paint job from sun, salt, grime, sap, and rust. Regular application can protect your car’s finish and provides a gleam and shine like your car had when it was new. Most modern waxes suggest at least a quarterly application.

Wash Your Car Often 

Weekly washes removes all of the dirt, salt, and other irritants that can bleach, stain, or wear on your car’s finish. This is probably the easiest and most effective method of rust prevention.

Follow these tips on how to prevent rust on classic cars to keep your car looking great. Reliable Plus has the Midwest’s best selection of cleaning chemicals, equipment upgrades, and maintenance services. Get in touch today and find out why we call ourselves Reliable Plus!


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