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Spring Checklist for Your Car Wash

After a long winter season of cleaning grime and salt off of cars in the Midwest, chances are your car wash could use some

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After a long winter season of cleaning grime and salt off of cars in the Midwest, chances are your car wash could use some TLC. Before the busy (and hot!) summer months arrive, make sure you go through this spring checklist for your car wash.

Curb Appeal

Customers go to a car wash to get their car clean, right? Don’t turn them away with dirty and unappealing conditions. Take a critical eye to your car wash and ask the following questions:

  • Is your exterior clean and free of debris?
  • Check your signage – are there any bulbs out? Any areas that are cracked or faded that need to be replaced or repainted?
  • If you have a register area, is it clean and welcoming? Is it stocked with last minute items your customers will want, like air fresheners, interior wipes, soda and snacks?

Washing Your Car Wash

Now let’s turn to the car wash bay itself. Winters are hard on car washes in the Midwest, and it’s important to keep your car wash clean to keep it working properly. Consider power washing cars before they enter the bay to prevent some of the dirt and grime from entering in the first place.

  • Pressure wash bay and tunnel walls. Use a special wall cleaner if necessary.
  • Check your drains. Do you have standing water? If so, call for service right away. Consider a preventative maintenance program to avoid future problems.
  • Check your sludge pit and clean it if necessary. Also make sure your sludge pit is the correct size for your car wash.

Check Your Payment Systems

Don’t make your customers work to give you their money! Make sure your change machines and card readers are working well and easy to use. If they aren’t working, check to see if the machines are dirty. You may be able to fix it with a cleaning card, made for card readers and bill validators. If this doesn’t help, invest in new machines.

Swap Your Soaps

Thankfully, we in the Midwest get a break from the harsh winter temperatures, snow storms, and corrosive road salt. Unfortunately, it’s replaced with bugs and road construction! Switch your soaps over from winter formulas to soaps with bug and tar remover to keep your customers’ cars looking great. Need to place an order? We can help!

Have Vacuums that Really Suck!

We mean that literally! Make sure those vacuums are ready to suck up all the road salt and sand that has accumulated in your customers’ cars over the winter months. Replace vacuum bags and filters, check hoses and gaskets, and apply fresh decals if necessary. There are plenty of summer messes ahead, so inspect them often and repair as needed.

Replace Damaged Equipment

If there is anything broken or not working properly, repair or replace it right away. Think brush heads, hoses, sprayers, spray tips, etc. At a self serve car wash, pay special attention to the equipment the customer uses, and make sure they are in tip-top shape. Ensure you are providing the best possible wash experience for your customers.

Ready… Set… Summer!

Now that you’ve gone through this spring cleaning checklist for your car wash, give Reliable Plus a call for any car wash supplies or maintenance needs you have.

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