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Impacts of Weather on Your Car Wash

Few industries are as impacted by Mother Nature herself than the car wash industry. Some car washes close on rainy days. Warm summer days

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Few industries are as impacted by Mother Nature herself than the car wash industry. Some car washes close on rainy days. Warm summer days attract large volumes of customers looking for a clean car for cruising. Give Midwesterners a sunny winter day and you’ll see lines a mile long filled with people eager to rinse off the winter sludge. Let’s dig deeper into the impact of weather on car washing, and what you can do to maintain consistent revenue streams no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. 

Fun in the Sun

No matter the season, a beautiful sunny day attracts crowds to car washes. Keep your customers happy by focusing on line control and managing your vehicle throughput. The sun is out, and your customers want a beautifully shiny car, one that they don’t have to wait hours to get. 

Stay on top of the weather forecast and plan ahead whenever possible. Have additional staff available if the forecast calls for sun or an unseasonably warm day. If long lines are a problem for your car wash, consider upgrading your equipment to a tunnel system. Reliable Plus offers many different options to work with any car wash size or configuration. 

Here Comes the Rain Again

On those slow rainy days, it’s the perfect time to schedule planned maintenance and clean your bays. Equipment that is regularly maintained is less likely to have unexpected breakdowns. Reliable Plus offers Silver, Gold, and Platinum planned maintenance packages to fit your budget and the needs of your wash.

On the other hand, many car washes close their doors when it rains, but that isn’t always necessary. There are things you can do as a car wash owner/operator to maintain revenues on even the rainiest of days. 

  • Offer interior cleaning services. If you offer detailing services for vehicle interiors, it won’t matter what kind of weather you have outside!
  • Educate your customers on the benefits of getting a car wash in the rain. The rain does a bit of the pre-rinsing and loosens up the dirt and grime, making the car wash even more effective. Applying wax makes the raindrops bead up and off the clean car. 

Let it Snow

If you live in a snowy climate, you understand all too well the impacts of weather on car washing, and the importance of regular car washes in the winter. Harsh winter conditions come with their own unique challenges for car wash owners and operators. 

Fall into Line

Autumn weather produces its own unique type of grime for your vehicle! Be prepared for it by having the right kind of fall chemicals and detergents in stock at your car wash. Likely you’ll want a stronger detergent to remove fall’s stubborn blend of pollen and dust. While short lived, this is something you want to keep top of mind. Keep an eye on vehicles coming out of your car wash and adjust accordingly. It also may be the right time to reach out to a professional for help getting the mixtures and ratios just right. 

Dry as a Bone

If your area is prone to a dry climate or times of drought, it’s the perfect time to educate customers on the benefits of automatic car washing vs washing at home. It’s a common misconception that washing your car in your driveway uses less water, but in fact, tunnel car wash systems are much more efficient and also recycle the wastewater. As a car wash owner, make it your priority to educate your customers and the community about car wash efficiency. You can do this by posting information on your website and car wash app, guest-writing a blog post for a local business, posting on social media, providing educational materials at your car wash, or get creative and think of other ways to spread the word. 

Reliability with Reliable Plus

We can’t avoid the impacts of weather on car washing, but there are ways to work around it that positively impact your bottom line. Mother Nature is unpredictable, but there are things you can do as a car wash owner, operator, or employee to be prepared for what she throws at us. Consider partnering with Reliable Plus for all your car wash needs, including assessing your chemical and detergent needs, preventative maintenance, and upgrading your current equipment. Get in touch today to find your reliable partner with Reliable Plus! 

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