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Protect Your Car’s Finish in Summer

Summers can be hard on your car’s finish. The blazing sun can dull and fade your car’s gleaming coat, the heat can dry out

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pressure washing carSummers can be hard on your car’s finish. The blazing sun can dull and fade your car’s gleaming coat, the heat can dry out and ruin your wonderful interior, and road dust and grit can grate and grind on your car’s paint. Your car is your pride and joy, so how can you protect your car’s finish in summer from the harsh elements?


Park in the Shade

Whenever possible, find a spot in the shade to park. Shadows from buildings and houses can provide a great shady spot. Trees can sometimes have their own problems with sap, pollen, leaves and bird droppings, but they can still be better than letting your car sit all day under the harsh sun. 

Use a Windshield Protector 

The sun and heat can dry and bleach your car’s interior. Putting a sun protector in your front and rear windows can prevent the sun from attacking your car’s interior surfaces.  This helps to protect your dash and seats from the elements. It also keeps your car cool so it’s more comfortable getting into after it’s been sitting out. 

Use a Seat Cover

This is especially important if your car has leather seats. These can dry and crack under harsh sun. Putting a seat cover over your seat surfaces will keep your interior intact and soft for years. 

Frequent Car Washes

Summer roads are heavy with dirt, dust, grime and grit. All of this is swept up into your car every time you drive. Not only does this make your car dirty, but as this gets swept up into your cars undercarriage and engine compartment, this can cause grinding in your cars systems and effect performance and wear down your car’s mechanical systems. Regular washes will clean out the dirt and grime and keep your car running smooth while looking new for years to come.

Regular Waxes

New wash-on application waxes can protect your car’s finish in summer against sun, rain, dirt, sap and other enemies of your gleaming finish. Regular waxes protect your car from bleaching, dulling, or rusting. Your car will keep that brand new look for years to come.  

Reliable Plus works with the best car washes in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and North Dakota, ensuring that every car stays clean and bright. If you need cleaning and waxing chemicals or maintenance service for your car wash, call Reliable Plus.

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