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Why You Need a Car Wash at Your Auto Dealership

If you run an auto dealership, you understand the importance of making a great first impression. Customers will not be impressed with a lot

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If you run an auto dealership, you understand the importance of making a great first impression. Customers will not be impressed with a lot filled with dirty cars. It’s not just that a dirty car is unappealing, but it reflects poorly on your dealership as a whole. Operating an automatic car wash can boost your appearance, benefit your customers and help your bottom line.

It’s Not Out of Reach! 

Investing in a car wash at your car dealership may not seem like something you can do. You are probably concerned about cost efficiency, space issues, or total cost of ownership. Let’s take a deeper look and show you how these concerns are actually opportunities. 

A Car Wash Will Save Money

Owning a car wash will pay for itself more quickly than you may realize. A lot of cars come through your dealership. There is both new and used inventory, new vehicles being delivered, trade-ins, and courtesy loaner cars. You want all these vehicles looking as clean as possible.

Similarly, if you offer courtesy washes with service appointments, you have even more car washes each day.

Once you add it up, you’re washing a lot of cars each day. Without an automated car wash on site, your staff spends a lot of time washing vehicles by hand. 

Also, an efficient car wash uses as little as 14 gallons of water per car wash, while hand washing can use over 100 gallons per wash. The time and water savings of an automatic wash will add up very quickly, not to mention the environmental impact. 

A Car Wash Will MAKE Money! 

In a previous article, we talked about how to make a car wash profitable at your auto dealership.

First and foremost, as mentioned above, clean cars sell! And, offering car washes to customers, entices people to come to your dealership for service. Everyone loves to feel like they’re getting a deal, so including a car wash every time a customer brings their car in for service is a freebie that will keep them coming back. 

Finally, opening up your car wash to the public can generate additional revenue for your dealership. The increased traffic flow to the dealership will bring in more potential customers. Who knows, a customer could come in for a car wash and leave with a new car! 

Space Saving Designs

A second concern you may have about an automatic car wash is where to put it. Space is a valuable commodity. There is only so much room in your service area and finding footage for a cash wash bay is an understandable worry. 

However, finding room for a wash isn’t as nearly as much of a concern as you may think. Reliable Plus proudly sells products from Mark VIII, who offer a line of car washes specifically designed with space considerations in mind. Their Softwash DF® and SoftLine Drive Thru® feature on-board chemical application systems as well as on-board dryers to reduce space requirements and bay length. Our team of installation experts can work with you to find a wash that works for you.

Environment Saving Technologies

As previously mentioned, automatic car washes use less than one-fifth of the water used by hand-washing a vehicle. Automatic car washes can collect and treat used water which allows the water to be reused. Similarly, additional technologies available are water filtration systems and environmentally friendly detergents and chemicals. More information about car wash water recycling can be found here

Reliable Car Washes Start With Reliable Plus

An auto dealership car wash runs more vehicles through than an average car wash. The very best equipment is a must, which is why we proudly offer products from Mark VIII. From site design to the finishing touches, Reliable Plus is your reliable partner for a car wash at your auto dealership. Get in touch today!


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