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Car Wash Trends for 2024

The car wash industry continues its forward march. One of the fastest growing in the world, expected to grow over 3% annually for the

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Despite some economic challenges, the car wash industry continues its forward march. One of the fastest growing in the world, expected to grow over 3% annually for the near future. Let’s dive into some trends of that growth for 2024.


Market Growth

Current forecasts point to the car wash market to increase by $5.42 billion by 2028. Several factors play a critical role in the market’s growth, such as the increased adoption of car wash services, the rising adoption of water-efficient car wash technologies and the increasing demand for professional and reliable cleaning.

Increasing demand for professional and reliable cleaning is the key part of current market growth. Customers are looking for wash services that provide quality cleaning and detailing, along with convenience and reliability.

Ceramics Market Still Strong​

Customers like to see their cars shine, and shine for as long as possible. And data from Grand View Research showcases this. They’re predicting the global ceramic coating market to reach $3.72 billion by 2028, up from $1.25 billion in 2020. This explosive growth is fueled by a high demand for premium car care, with customers increasingly willing to pay extra for long-lasting shine, protection, and ease of cleaning. Remember, a satisfied customer with a ceramic-coated car is a loyal customer who’ll keep coming back for years to come.

We’re not sure how big a slice the US market will take – but with more cars on the road than any other country on earth, you can bet that high quality ceramics will help your wash in 2024.

Think About a Membership Program

The monthly membership boom is bigger than ever. Normally, you’d think of a subscription based model only when it comes to things like streaming services, but the numbers are showing that almost every industry is seeing a growing demand for memberships. Numbers from McKinsey & Company reveal that subscription-based businesses have grown at a rate 5 times faster than traditional businesses over the past 5 years.

Several aspects of the wash industry play well into this trend for your consumers: predictable monthly costs, the ease of skipping the line, and the bonus of sparkling clean cars whenever they need it. 

Make sure to also include rewards such as free washes or details, as an added bonus for loyal customers.

Make Sure to Service Your Wash Right

A huge part of driving your wash’s successes in every year, including 2024 is consistent performance.

It’s inevitable there will be issues with car wash equipment on occasion. But did you know most major problems can be avoided with planned car wash maintenance?

Home Page Design and Install

Reliable Plus offers three unique planned maintenance programs; Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Contact your salesperson, send us a message online, or give our office a call to learn more about your options.

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